Roo's Litter - F1b Cavapoos

Expected Nov 6, 2021 - WAITLIST CURRENTLY FULL - $3,800 plus sales tax


Roo is an F1 Cavapoo and provides constant affection and laughs. She is surprisingly athletic for her small size and loves to be draped across your lap and cuddling oh so close.

She is 18lbs.

The dad is "Red" an AKC 8lb Toy Poodle. He is a sweet boy with a happy personality. He has his heart, eyes, patellas, and DNA all tested and cleared.

Their puppies will be between 8 - 18lbs, expected colors are red, or red with white abstract. This is their second litter together.


Previous Roo + Red Puppies
Libby + Brody/Jovi - Medium Multigen  & Standard Bernedoodles

Expected: Nov 9 - Waitlist full until litter is born - $3,800, plus sales tax

Brody, now and then

Libby has beautiful puppies with such great temperaments and coats, she has the typical Bernese build which is more stocky, than tall and lean like a poodle, with the softest non-shedding coat you can imagine. Libby is 60lbs and is an F1 Bernedoodle.


Brody is one of Desi's sons and is very loving like her. He is 30lbs, and a beautiful tri color and traditional Bernedoodle markings. This is his first time siring a litter.

Jovi is our AKC Standard Poodle. He is a big love bug and is 65lbs. This is the second pairing of Libby & Jovi, and the first litter were just exceptional (pics below).

Expected colors:

Tri, Phantom Abstract, Red, Apricot. 


Expected weight ranges (estimated):

30-60lbs for puppies fathered by Brody

55-65lbs for puppies fathered by Jovi.

Jovi, now and then
Previous Libby & Jovi Puppies