Libby + Brody - Medium Teddybear Bernedoodles

Expected Dec 7th - 4 spots open - $3,800 plus sales tax


This is a repeat breeding, of glorious bernedoodle puppies, they have turned out to be such great puppies and we are so pleased with their temperament, health & coloring. Previous litter shown below:















Brody is a Cariad Doodles stud, and is a son of Desi (and Reese). He has produced some beautiful puppies who are devoted like Desi, and has had a lot of health testing, like Libby. Both sets of grandparents on both sides for the puppies have been health tested too. Just great lines.

Expected size is between 30-60lbs (parent's sizes). Most will fall right around 40-45 lbs.

Coloring: Tri and one or two red.

Coat type: Straight, wavy and curly.

Health: Genetically clear DNA of all diseases, including Bernese DM & CDDY.

In addition, parents tested for: OFA Hips, OFA Eyes, OFA Cardiac, OFA Patellas, and OFA Elbows

Brody Floor.JPG
Libby Brody Pups Bernedoodle.jpg

Puppies from Libby + Brody's previous pairing.

Violet + Finn - F1bb Cavapoos

Expected Dec 3rd / Go home Feb 4th - WAITLIST FULL - $3800, plus sales tax, $500 deposit required


Violet is one of Roo + Red's daughters. Her coat has deepened into a deep red color, and is a wonderful soft texture. She is loving, happy and loves her people. She has been health tested on genetics, OFA Patella, Cardiac and Eyes

Expected weight: 10-13lbs. 





























Finn is our wonderful mini AKC poodle stud. He has one of the best temperaments of a dog I know. His coloring is deep red and always fathers puppies with the same amazing temperament as him. He is health tested and is 10 lbs and 14 inches tall.

Minnie + Waffles - Multigen Cavapoochons

Expected January 5th - waitlist not open yet - $3,800, plus sales tax

Minnie is a Bichonpoo (poodle + bichon frise) with THE SWEETEST temperament. She is so mild mannered and tender. She loves to snuggle up on your lap or at your feet. She is 14 lbs.

The expected weight range for their puppies is 10-18 lbs.

They will either be red and white or white and red - and I am expecting great things from their temperament. Her pups may also carry small amounts (0-5% of Havanese / Cocker Spaniel)













Waffles is one of Roo + Red's sons, and just the lovliest boy. His coat has gotten even deeper red as he has matured into an adult. He is loving and happy. He weighs 18 lbs.

Claire + Gumdrop - F1 Cavapoos

Expected January 10th - waitlist not open yet - $3,800, plus sales tax

This will be Claire's last litter, and Gumball will be the father. Claire has the sweetest temperament and is so nurturing - she is an AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Claire has had her OFA eyes, patella, and cardiac exams as well as genetics completed. She is 18 lbs. We expect the puppies to be between 10-18lbs and either red or apricot in color with some white.











Pip is an CKC mini poodle with beautiful coloring, he is 10 lbs and has a great personality, and is also health tested.