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Meet Violet the Cavapoo

Violet is our gorgeous F1b Cavapoo. She is as fluffy as she is sweet. She is a devoted companion and loves nothing more than sitting at your side. She is Roo's daughter with Red and has Roo's personality and agility, and this super fun little bounce when she runs.

She weighs approx 11 lbs and has a cottony soft non-shedding coat with a loose wave.

Testing done:

OFA: Cardiac - Normal; Patella - Normal; 

CAER Eye - Normal; Embark DNA Panel 


Wonderful Willow our AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

Willow is a dream come true. I searched high and low for a Bernese with a long line of health I could track. We are hoping for a long happy life for her. She is a happy, social girl, who loves her dog brother Jovi, who used to be a stud for us, and her human family, and they absolutely ADORE HER and her goofy "Willow the Pillow" ways.

Testing done:

OFA: Cardiac - Normal, Elbows - Normal, Hips - Good, Patella -  Normal, Eyes - Normal

Embark DNA Panel + prcd, vWD1, NEwS, DM 

Meet Pepper our AKC Mini Poodle

Pepper is an AKC Mini Poodle who lives with us. She is very smart and likes to be involved in all the tasks, but if she had her pick of what to do she would be snuggled up on the dad's lap or our daughter's. She loves to play chasing games with our daughter and she is so fast!! She brings a lot of life to the house with her vibrant personality!

She weights about 11lbs and has a great structure.

Testing done:

Embark DNA Panel 

OFA: Eyes, Cardiac & Patellas - all normal


Meet Coco our Standard Poodle

Coco is an AKC Standard Poodle. She loves to watch the cows on the property next door, particularly when there are calves as well, it's her favorite night time activity. She also loves going to the Farmer's Market and meeting everyone, and if a pro at getting groomed, and is adored by her groomer for her easy nature.


She is 58lbs and is fully grown.

Testing done:

Embark DNA Panel

OFA:  CAER Eyes, Cardiac, Elbows, Patella

- all normal, Hips (good)


All About Ellie the Golden Cavapoo

Ellie is a Golden Cavapoo, a mix between a cavapoo (Roo) and a mini Goldendoodle (Lincoln). She is AMAZING. She is loving, sporty, loyal, and friendly. She loves to chase balls, and is lightning fast. She loves her family more than anything though and her happiest spot is snuggled up by them and on them. She makes everyone she meets a dog lover. She has a lovely soft coat with a loose wave. She is 12lbs.

Testing done:

Embark DNA Panel +
OFA: Eyes, Cardiac & Patellas - all normal


Miss Minnie the Bichonpoo

Minnie is a genlte soul who lives with some friends of ours. They adore her. She is a favorite when she comes to stay for a visit at our house, because she just loves to cuddle with you and she is quiet, we call her our little lamb. She loves her family and playing with them and other dogs, if I was to put one attribute on her it would be "sweet". Her litter that she previously had are all so adored by everyone, and her temperament came through there. She is 13lbs. She is a mix of Poodle + Bichon Frise (with some small parts of some other breeds, which I think will drop off in her puppies).

Testing done:  Embark DNA Panel +
OFA: Eyes, Cardiac & Patellas - all normal


Sasha our Mini Poodle

Sasha is a Minnie CKC poodle who weighs approx 11lbs. She is such a loyal dog who is devoted to one of my daughters. She also loves to play, and can jump crazy high from a standing position. Sasha is special because she carries two copies of the tri coloring, which even though she displayed red, will allow her to have puppies that are tri colored.

Testing done:  Embark DNA Panel +
OFA: Eyes, Cardiac & Patellas - all normal

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