Meet Desi the Bernedoodle

Desi is our gorgeous F1 Sable Bernedoodle. She is as fluffy as she is loyal. She is a devoted companion and loves nothing more than sitting at your side or being a 45lb lap dog. We joke that she is half human/half dog as she has so many fun traits that remind us of a person. She loves to give full body hugs, and will make sure you are always in her line of sight if you move so we can stare at you with her perfect puppy eyes. She is adored.

Testing done:

OFA: Hips - Good, Elbow - Good, CAER Eye - Normal

Embark DNA Panel + prcd, vWD1, NEwS, SOD1B

Someone needs a haircut #LibbyLou #8Mont

Lovely Libby Lou

Libby is our 60lb F1 Bernedoodle. She has an amazing coat that has held its black coloring really well and is really soft. She is really happy-go-lucky and is a friend to all, humans and friends alike. She is best friends with our 12-year old son and has slept on his bed since she was 4 months old. We cannot wait for her puppies. Her first litter is due Feb 2021.

Testing done:

OFA: Cardiac - Normal, Elbows - Normal, Hips - Fair, Patella -  Normal, Eyes - Normal

Embark DNA Panel + prcd, vWD1, NEwS, DM 

Meet Roo, she’s the cutest little additi

Meet Little Miss Roo the Cavapoo

Roo is the cutest little F1 Cavapoo, and the funniest creature. She has lots of nicknames here, like Canadian flying squirrel, because our kids thinks she smells like maple syrup, and she can fly and leap through the through the air like a squirrel. She is a favorite amongst all the kids in our area because of her happy nature, and her ability to snuggle for days! She is 18 lbs.

Testing done:

Embark DNA Panel + prcd +

OFA: Eyes, Cardiac & Patellas


Cute Girl Claire Bear

Claire is our AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girl. I have never met a pup that likes to cuddle as must as her. She wins the medal for cuddle in our house, as is found wherever Sarah is, under her desk by her feet, sleeping above her head on her pillow, her constant shadow round the house, curled into a donut on her lap. She is the biggest cuddle bunny. She is 15lbs.

Testing done:

Embark DNA Panel +
OFA: Eyes, Cardiac & Patellas